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Wedding Films

we tell your story through cinema
This is one of the most important days of your life. Dont limit your memories of your wedding to only photographs. The day's events happen so fast, you don't want to miss any details! Watch the day unfold, hear the excitement, relive all the emotions captured on film. Years from now you won't have to tell your children what your wedding day was can show them.
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Brand Films

we tell your story through cinema
You're passionate about your brand, and you should be. Show others the what and why to gain advocates for your brand. Whether you're a small business, musician, or personal brand, you have a story to tell. Let your film speak for you.

Music Videos

we tell your story through cinema
If you're a musician, visual artist, or narrative storyteller You want a product that's professional, so that people take notice. You want art. And so do we. We expertly craft music videos and narrative films tell your stories. While we are a one stop-shop for video production, we offer our directing, cinematography, and post-production services separately if that's all your project needs.

about us

We are wedding videographers and commercial filmmakers based in Kansas City, MO.
Kansas City Wedding Videographer Sean Minor
Lead Cinematographer/Editor

I love visually telling stories. I made my first film twelve years ago and have been obsessed with telling great stories ever since. No matter what type of film I'm making, my love of cutting edge camera tech and my artistic eye will guarantee that I'll tell your story in a jaw-dropping way.

Kansas City Wedding Videographer

My biggest regret when we got married was not having videography along with photography on our special day. Our goal is to see to it that you don't have that same regret. I pay attention to detail and the emotions of the day so that we don't just document events, but that we tell your story...beautifully.


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